Difference between Insect pollinated and Wind pollinated flowers

Pollination is the transfer of pollen grains from anther to stigma of a flower

Pollinating agents include wind, insects, birds etc

Insect pollinated flower

insect pollinated flowers
1. Brightly coloured large petals with fragrance

2. Nectar produced in nectary

3. Anthers lie deep inside the flower

4. Filaments are strong and sturdy

5. Pollen grains are large and present in small numbers

6. May have sticky mass helping adherence of insects

7. Stigma lie within the petals

8. Flowers may be solitary or as inflorescence

9. Plants carry bisexual flowers

Wind pollinated flower

wind pollinated flower

1. Dull colored small petals without fragrance

2. No nectar

3. Anthers often seen supported outside the flower

4. Filaments are slender and long

5. Pollen grains are light, minute and in large numbers

6. May be winged for wind transport

7. Feathery stigma borne on long styles

8. Flowers in bunches or as inflorescence

9. Plants are often unisexual with more number of male flowers.
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