Growth refers to quantitative increase in size and structure. Body and its part become larger, heavier and longer. Development refers to qualitative and quantitative changes. Hurlock (2011) defines development as a progressive series of orderly, coherent changes. Progressive signifies that the changes are directional, that they lead forward rather than backward. Orderly and coherent suggest that there is a definite relationship between the changes taking place and those that preceded or will follow them. The factors which affect growth and development can broadly be divided into heredity and environment. Even though the terms growth and development are used interchangeably, there are specific differences between them.


1. Refers to increase in size, height, weight etc.

2. Easily measured and observed

3. It is limited. Starts with birth to reach the maximum at maturity

4. Limited to specific areas

5. Quantitative change


1. Refers to improvement in the functioning of the body process

2. Cannot be measured easily

3. A continuous unending process all through life.

4. Concerned with various aspects and parts of body and behaviour as a whole

5. Qualitative and Quantitative change

Difference between Growth and Development | Growth vs Development

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