Difference Between Monocot seed and Dicot seed (Monocot Seed vs Dicot Seed)

Seed: The fertilized and mature ovule containing the embryo is called the seed. The seed coat is derived from the integuments of the the ovule. 
Dicot and Monocot seed
Internal anatomy of a dicot (Bean) and monocot (Corn) seed. 
Monocot Seed vs Dicot Seed
Monocot seed (Example: Corn Seed)

1. Only one cotyledon present in the embryo

2. Cotyledons is thin and small and lacks food materials

3. Endosperm is mostly present and stores food

4. Radicle is protected by coleorhiza and plumule by coleoptile.
Dicot seed (Example: Bean Seed)

1. Two lateral cotyledons are present in the embryo axis

 2. Cotyledons are fleshy and store food

3. Endosperm is mostly absent and lacks food

4.  Coleorhiza and coleoptiles are absent
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