Difference between Dicot and Monocot Stem

Dicot stem vs Monocot stem
Dicot stem Anatomy
Dicot Stem

1. Single layered epidermis with thick cuticle

2. Multicellular epidermal hairs may or may not be present

3. Hypodermis is generally collenchymatous

4. The different tissues are arranged in concentric fashion

5. Ground tissue is differentiated into hypodermis, cortex, endodermis, pericycle and pith

6. Always solid

7. Vascular bundles are of similar size

8. Vascular bundles are wedge shaped, definite and arranged in one or two rings

9. Bundle sheath absent

10. Vascular bundles conjoint, collateral and open

11. No cavity in the vascular bundles

12. Vessels are polygonal, numerous and arranged in chains

13. Phloem parenchyma present

14. Secondary growth occurs due to formation of lateral meristem

Monocot Stem
Monocot stem Anatomy

1. Single layered epidermis with thick cuticle. Epidermal hairs absent

2. Epidermal hairs absent

3. Hypodermis is generally sclerenchymatous

4. Concentric arrangement is absent

5. No differentiation except hypodermis

6. Solid or hollow

7. Vascular bundles are of different sizes

8. Oval or rounded, numerous and scattered in the ground tissue

9. Bundle sheath Present

10. Conjoint, collateral and closed.

11. A protoxylem cavity present

12. Vessels are oval, few and arranged like the letter V or Y.

13. Phloem parenchyma absent

14. Secondary growth is generally absent
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