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Difference between Enzymes and Hormones

Enzymes are biological catalysts which speed up the the rate of biochemical reactions without undergoing any change. 

Hormones:  A molecule, usually a peptide (eg: insulin) or steroid (eg: estrogen), that is produced in one part of an organism and triggers a specific cellular reaction in target tissues and organs some distance away.

Enzymes and Hormones


1. All enzymes are generally proteins. There are some exceptions like ribozymes (RNA with catalytic activity)

2. Mostly enzymes perform reactions at the place of origin i.e. in cells where they are produced.

3.  Enzymes are not translocted from one part to another part of the cell. 

4. Enzymes are biological catalysts. They catalyze the biological reactions

5.  As enzymes are catalysts, at the end of reaction they remain unchanged and can be reutilized


1. The hormones may be polypeptides, terpenoids, steroids, phenolics compounds or amines.

2. Hormones perform activity at some distance away from the site of origin

Hormone activity

3. Most often, the site of action is  far away from the site of synthesis. Most of the hormones show polar translocation.

4. Hormones are not catalysts. They simply initiate biochemical reactions

5.  As hormones are not catalysts, they participate in biological reactions and their chemical composition is changed and cannot be reutilized as such.

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