Difference between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic DNA Replication

DNA replication occurs during S phase of cell cycle. It is multistep complex process which requires over a dozen enzymes and proteins.
DNA replication in Prokaryotes
Prokaryotic DNA replication
1. It occurs inside the cytoplasm

2. There is only one origin of replication per DNA molecule

3. Origin of replication is formed of about 100-200 or more nucleotides

4. Replication of DNA occurs at one point in each prokaryotic DNA molecule

5. Only two replication fork is formed in each replicating prokaryotic chromosomeas DNA replication is bidirectional

6. Prokaryotic chromosome has one replicon

7. One replication bubble is formed during DNA replication 

8. Initiation of DNA replication in prokaryotes is carried out by protein DnaA and DnaB

9. DNA gyrase is needed

10. Okazaki fragment are large, 1000-2000 nucleotides long.

11. Replication is very rapid, some 2000 bp per second are added.

Eukaryotic DNA replication
DNA replication in Eukaryotes
1. It occurs inside the nucleus

2. Origin of replication are many(over 1000) in each eukaryotic chromosome

3. Each origin of replication is formed of about 150 nucleotides

4. Replication of DNA occurs at several points simultaneously in each chromosome.

5. A number of replication forks are formed simultaneously in each replicating DNA.

6. Eukaryotic DNA molecules have large number of replicons (50,000 and above), but replication does not occur simultaneously on all replicons

7. Numerous replication bubbles are formed in one replicating DNA molecule.

8. Initiation of DNA replication is carried out by multisubunit protein, origin recognition complex.

9. DNA gyrase is needed

10. Okazaki fragment are short, 100-200 nucleotides long.

11. Replication is slow, some 100 nucleotides per second are added

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enzymatic mechanisms by which DNA is replicated "DNA polymerase1,DNA polymerase2,DNA polymerase3"

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Telomerase activity isn't there in eukaryotic replication

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