Difference between Tap root system and Adventitious root system

Root is an underground cylindrical part of the plant which develops from radical and grows down into soil. It lack nodes, internodes and buds.

Tap root: The primary root that persists throughout the life of a plant is known as tap root.
Adventitious root: A root that develops from any part of a plant except the radical or its derivatives is called adventitious root.

Tap root system and adventitious root system

Tap root systemTap root system
1. It develops from radical of the embryo

2. It has a persistent primary root known as tap root

3. The system grows deep into the soil

4. The tap root system is always underground

5. There is one main root called taproot and it produces lateral branches called secondary roots these in turn produce tertiary roots and so on. These tap root is thicker than others

Adventitious rootAdventitious root
1. It develops from part of the plant other than the radical or not derivatives.

2. Primary root is short lived.

3. If underground, the adventitious roots do not grow into the soil.

4. Adventitious root system may be underground or aerial.

5. A number of main roots develop at one spot. All roots are similar thickness, except in cases where they are swollen for storage.
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