Life cycl of mosquito consists of four distinct stages: eggs, larvae, pupae and adults. Larvae are herbivorous. They feed on minute aquatic vegetation. They grow in size by moulting three times and in about two weeks they increase in size and change into the next stage called pupae. The pupa is a non feeding stage in which old organs disintegrate and new are formed to change into the young mosquito.
mosquito life cycle
Larva vs Pupa of mosquito
1. Long worm like in shape.
2. Head distinct but thorax and abdomen continuous.
3. Respiratory tube at the end of the abdomen for respiration.
4. Feeds on vegetation, moults and grows.
5. Shows active movements.
1. Short comma shaped.
2. Cephalothoraxes formed by the fusion of head and thorax while the abdomen is distinct.
3. Respiratory tube at the cephalothorax.
4. No feeding and no growth.
5. Inactive but sinks down if disturbed.

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