Tumours can develop anywhere on the surface or in the interior of the body. Not all tumours are however, cancerous. Two general types of tumours are recognised:
1. Benign or non malignant and
2. Cancerous or malignant.
Benign or Non malignant Tumour vs Cancerous or Malignant tumour
Benign and Malignant Tumours
Benign or Non malignant Tumour Cancerous or Malignant tumour
It is enclosed in the connective tissue. It is not enclosed in any specific tissue.
It remains confined to the site of its origin. It is not confined to the tissues.
It may grow in size but does not spread to other parts of the body. The cancerous cells are carried by blood or lymph to other parts of the body where they spread secondary cancers or metastasis.
Growth of tumour may cause some pain if it is processed against some vital organ or tissue. A benign tumour may turn malignant and due to his reason it is removed as soon as it is noticed. As the cancerous cells grow rapidly, they destroy other normal cells. The spread tumours is invariably very fatal.
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