The term natural or organic manure is generally used for nutrients from natural sources and fertilizers  are nutrients from artificial sources. Organic manures include excreta of animals, animal matter such as blood, bones, flesh, horn etc. and decomposed vegetation. 
Fertilizers are of mineral origin. They are nitrogenous, phosphatic, potassium salts and salts containing other elements. All the inorganic fertilizers have higher nutrient content compared to organic manures. Organic manures are found to be very complex in nature having complete organic compounds but fertilizers are simple salts of organic nature.
organic manures vs chemfertilizer
Organic Manures vs Fertilizers
Organic Manures
Nutrients from natural sources. Nutrients from artificial sources.
Natural or organic origin Mineral origin
Low nutrient compared to fertilizers. High nutrient content
Very complex Simple salts.
30 days or more to decompose. Soluble or give rapid response.
Organic nutrients contain all the nutrients. Only specific nutrient.
Do not cause side effects Cause side effects
Examples: Excrete of animals, animal matter (blood, bones, flesh, horn) Examples: urea, NH3SO4, Superphosphate.
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