Difference Between Male and Female Skeleton

Skeleton system consists of a framework of bones and a few cartilages. This system has a significant role in movement shown by the body. Bones and cartilages are specialised connective tissues.
Male Skeleton vs Female Skeleton
Male Skeleton
1. Pelvic cavity narrower and less roomier.
2. Coccyx less movable.
3. Sacrum long, narrower with concavity.
4. Pelvis heavy and thick
5. Joint surface large.
6. Greater pelvis deep.
7. Pubic arch less than 900.
8. Ischial tuberosity turned inward.
9. Obturator foramen rounded.
10. Pelvic inlet and outlet smaller.
11. Sciatic notch narrow.
12. Anterior superior iliac spines closer.
male and female skeleton
Female Skeleton
1. Pelvic cavity wider, deeper.
2. Coccyx more movable.
3. Sacrum short, wide nearly flat with forward curvature in lower part.
4. Pelvis light and thin.
5. Joint surface small.
6. Greater pelvis short.
7. Pubic arch more than 900.
8. Ischial tuberosity turned outward.
9. Obturator foramen oval.
10. Pelvic inlet and outlet larger.
11. Sciatic notch wide.
12. Anterior superior iliac spines wide apart.
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