Difference between Glucocorticoids and Mineralocorticoids

Adrenal cortex secretes over 20 different steroid hormones called cortical steroids or corticosteroids. They are of three types: mineralocorticoids, glucocorticoids and sex corticoids.
Glucocorticoids vs Mineralocoticoids
Glucocorticoids and Mineralocoticoids
Glucocorticoids: Hormones include cortisol, cortisone and cortisterone.
1. Secreted by Zona fasciculata of Adrenal cortex.
2. Secretion of glucocorticoids is under control of ACTH of andenohypophysis.
3. The hormone control carbohydrate, fat an protein metabolism.
4.They stimulate gluconeogenesis.
5. They are anti inflammtory and antiallergic
6. They are helpful in repairing injury and managing stress.
7. They dull pain.
Mineralocoticoids: Two common mineralocorticoids are aldosterone and deoxycorticosterone.
1. Secreted by Zona glomerulosa of Adrenal cortex.
2. Secretion of mineralocorticoids is under control of renin angiotensin system.
3. They control electrolyte and water balance of the body.
4. They stimulate
5. They have no such role.
6. The hormones are not helpful in repairing injury or managing stress.
7. Mineralocorticoids do not manage pain.
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