Difference between Stars and Planets

Stars are the celestial bodies which can emit heat and light continuously. Every star is a huge mass of hot gases and emit big flames. Stars appear to twinkle at night which is a visual illusion because of the disturbances on the atmosphere. The sun being the closet star of the earth, the bright light of sun make other stars invisible during day time.   
The bodies which revolve around the sun in a certain orbit are called planets. There are following eight planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
Planet vs Star

Planets vs Stars
1. Planets do not twinkle in the sky.
2. They have no light.
3. They revolve around the sun.
4. Planets are small as compared to star.
1. Stars twinkle in the sky.
2. They have their own light.
3. They are fixed at a point.
4. They are very big in size.
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Suchitra Malvankar said...

Thank you. This was explained in the most easy and understandable way.

Fayaz Nazar said...

yes very true and these also should be included

. stars are billions in number
. stars have very high temperature

. planets are eight in solar system
. planets have very low temperature


valuable information, Great.

Vidhu Verma said...

Noo ...stars are not fixed at a point they move frm east to West

Anonymous said...

All planets are not smaller than stars.
Thanks for the points, though!

sapher jyothi said...

Thanks for explaining

Anonymous said...

Well explained ��

Unknown said...

Very easily understandable

Ahila said...

Very easily understandable

Anonymous said...

Thanks for easy explain

Unknown said...

Thanks very easy to understand

inaaya said...

very easy and understandable for students

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your interesting information and most simplest information.

Ananta Kumar Sarkar said...

Thanks it was very much understandable

Unknown said...

very helpful information
thank you :)

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