Difference between Sense and Antisense strands of DNA

Sense strand vs antisense strand of DNA
A DNA molecule has a double stranded structure. It consists of two strands. Based on the strand that serves as template for mRNA formation or transcription, one strand is called the sense strand and the other is called the antisense strand.
Difference between sense strand and antisense strand of DNA

Sense strand
1. This strand is also called as coding strand, plus strand or non-template strand.
2. Coding strand is same as mRNA except that thymine in DNA is replaced by Uracil in RNA.
3. The coding strand contains codons.
Antisense strand
1. This strand is also called as non-coding strand, minus strand or template strand.
2. This strand acts as template for the synthesis of mRNA. Therefore antisense strand is complementary to the sense strand and mRNA (U in RNA in place of T).
3. The non-coding strand contains anti-codons.
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