Difference between Respiration and Breathing

 The terms breathing and respiration are not synonymous. Respiration is a biochemical process by which organic compounds are oxidized to liberate chemical energy from the food in a step wise manner.
Breathing refers to the muscular movement that sends fresh air to respiratory organs and removal of foul air from them.
Respiration vs Breathing


It is an oxidation of food to form carbon dioxide, water and energy.

It is simply an intake of fresh air and removal of foul air.

It is the process of taking in oxygen to the lungs and carbon dioxide is expelled from the lungs.
Oxidative process
Diffusion process
It is an involuntary action
It is an voluntary action
In occurs inside the cells, hence it is an intracellular process.
It occurs outside the cells; hence it is an extracellular process.
It is a biochemical process.
It is physical process.
Takes place in two stages: Glycolysis and Krebs cycle.
Takes place by inspiration and expiration.
Energy is released in the form of ATP.
No energy is released, rather used or ATP is used.
A large number of enzymes are involved in the process.
No enzymes are involved in the process.
Gaseous exchange through the cell or within the cell organelles like mitochondrion
Gaseous exchange through respiratory organs such as lungs
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