Blood is a fluid connective tissue. It is an extremely complex substance carrying a wide variety of cells and substances to all areas of he body. Blood is often described as seat of the soul since it performs several vital functions of the body . A normal  healthy man has about 5.5 litres of blood.

Blood is formed of plasma and formed elements such as RBC, WBC and blood platelets

Functions of blood:
  •      Regulate body temperature. 
  •      Maintains a constant pH and water balance 
  •      Defence against pH and water balance 
  •      Transport digested food materials, respiratory gases and waste materials
Difference between Blood serum and Blood plasma (Blood serum vs Blood plasma)

Plasma is the matrix or the extracellular fluid of the blood tissue. It is straw coloured, non living, and slightly alkaline aqueous fluid with pH of 7.4. About 30-35% of blood is plasma.
Plasma contains: Water (About 91%), Plasma proteins (about 7%), Organic substances and inorganic substances (2%)
Functions of Plasma:
  • Transport: Plasma transport the digested food products like glucose, amino acids, fatty acids, etc.
  • Body immunity: one type of globulins called immunoglobulins act as antibodies. They inactive invading microorganisms and their toxins.
  • Prevention of blood loss:  Fibrinogen helps in blood clotting and thus prevents blood loss. During blood clotting the soluble fibrinogen is converted into insoluble fibrin.
  • Retention of fluid in blood
  • Maintenance of blood pH: Plasma proteins act as acid base buffers and thus maintain the blood pH by neutralizing strong acids and bases.
  • Regulation of body temperature: Plasma helps in the uniform distribution of heat all over the body, and in conducting heat to skin for dissipation.
Difference between Blood serum and Blood plasma 
( Blood serum vs Blood plasma)
Blood plasma
1. Fluid portion of the blood in the form of matrix i.e., fluid-blood corpuscles.
2. Flas fibrinogen and other clotting materials
3. Take part in blood clotting
4. It is straw colored clear liquid
Blood serum
1. Fluid collected after colt retraction
2. Does not have all these
3. Does not take part in blood clotting
4. It is pale yellow colour

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