Difference between Darwinism and Neo-Darwinism

The evolutionary idea contributed  proposed by Charles Darwin called ‘Darwinism’ or Natural selection theory, explaining the mechanism of evolution  is clearly stated in his book ‘ Origin of species’.

The important postulates of the theory are: Over production, Struggle for existence, Variations, Survival of the fittest, and Origin of species.

The recent supporters of Darwinism modified the theory according to the latest development in biology. This modified theory is called Neo- Darwinism or Modern synthetic theory of Natural selection.

A few Neo Darwinism Supporters are Romanes, Wallace, Fisher, Huxley, Ford, Haldane, Goldschmidt, Sewall Wright, Ernst Haeckel, August Weismann, Mendel, Dobazhansky , Kettlewell and Herbert Spencer.

The Neo Darwinism has the following ideas: Experimental evidences and Answers to the objections

Experimental Evidence- Melanic and Non melanic moths

Darwinism vs Neo-Darwinism


1. It is the original concept postulated by Darwin and Wallace to explain the mode of speciation

2. It considers all inheritable favourable variation

3. It does not explain the reason for variation

4. In Darwin’s theory, the basic unit of evolution is an individual

5. It does not consider reproductive isolation as a major factor in new species formation

6. In Darwin’s theory, natural selection is the survival of the fittest and removal of the unfit ones during the course of time


1. It is the modification of original concept postulated by Darwin and Wallace based on data obtained from genetic research

2. It considers only inheritable genetic variation (mutations) for evolution

3. It explains the reason for variations

4. In Neo-Darwinism, the basic unit of evolution is a population

5. It consider reproductive isolation as a major essential factor in speciation

6. In Neo-Darwinism, natural selection refers to the differential reproduction leading to the changes in gene frequency
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