Difference between Red bone marrow and Yellow bone marrow

Bone marrow cavity is the cavity present inner to the endosteum. The cavity is filled with a soft and semisolid fatty neurovascular tissue called bone marrow. Bone marrow has haematogenic and osetogenic potentials. Bone marrow is of two types: red bone marrow and yellow bone marrow.
 In spongy bone  tissue the matrix contains many intercommunicating spaces which are filled with red bone marrow. The red bone marrow contains the parent cell that produce blood cells (RBC and WBC).  
In compact bone the matrix contains no air spaces. Long compact bone have a centralc avity called maarow cavity ehich is filled with yellow bone marrow. The yellow bone marrow stores fats.
Red Bone Marrow  vs  Yellow  Bone Marrow
Red Bone marrow vs Yellow Bone marrow
Red Bone Marrow
Yellow Bone Marrow
Red coloured due to erythrocytes.

Yellow coloured due to presence of fat (Adipocytes)
Has few fat cells.
Fat cells are more.
Produces red blood corpuscles.
Produces blood corpuscles in emergency.
During foetal life and at birth it occurs throughout the skeleton.
With age red bone marrow is gradually replaced in the long bones by yellow bone marrow.
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