Difference Between Endospermous and Non endospermous seeds

Seed: In the sexual reproduction of Spermatophyta (seed plants), the discrete body from which a new plant develops. Formed from a fertilized ovule, the seed comprises an outer coat (testa) that encloses a food store and an embryo plant. The food may be stored in the cotlydedons of the embryo itself or around the embryo on the endosperm.

Endospermic seeds 
(Example: Piper, Arabidopsis thaliana)

Endospermic seeds

1. Seed with endosperm

2. Food storage of the seed is in the endosperm

3. Seed of dicots or monocots only
Non endospermic seeds (Example: Beans)
Non Endospermic seeds

1.Seed with out endosperm

2.Food storage is in  the cotyledon

3. Seed of dicots
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