Difference Between Endospermous and Non endospermous seeds

Seed: In the sexual reproduction of Spermatophyta (seed plants), the discrete body from which a new plant develops. Formed from a fertilized ovule, the seed comprises an outer coat (testa) that encloses a food store and an embryo plant. The food may be stored in the cotlydedons of the embryo itself or around the embryo on the endosperm.

Endospermic seeds  vs Non endospermic seeds
Endospermic seeds (Example: Piper, Arabidopsis thaliana)
Endospermic seeds

1. Seed with endosperm

2. Food storage of the seed is in the endosperm

3. Seed of dicots or monocots only
Non endospermic seeds (Example: Beans)
Non Endospermic seeds

1.Seed with out endosperm

2.Food storage is in  the cotyledon

3. Seed of dicots
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