Reproduction is the ability of existing living organisms to produce new individuals which resemble their parents in a number of characters.

The aim of reproduction is the survival and continuation of race. If there is no reproduction, then the species will become extinct just after a single generation.

Two types of reproduction are observed in living organisms- asexual and sexual reproduction.

Asexual reproduction:
Budding in Hydra
Budding in Catcus

1. It involves no formation and fusion of gametes. 
2. It is uniparental 
3. Reproductive units are somatic cells of parent. 
4. It involves only mitotic divisions. 
5. Offspring are genetically similar to patents. 
6. Often results in rapid production of large number of offspring
Sexual reproduction:
Sexual reproduction in humans

1. It involves formation and fusion of gametes. 
2. It is generally biparental. 
3. Reproductive units are germ cells of parent. 

4. It involves meiosis during gamete formation 

5. Offspring are genetically different from parents 

6. Less rapid increase in numbers
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