Meiosis I vs Meiosis II
Meiosis I
Meiosis I

1. It is heterotypic or reduction division.

2. The chromosomes remain in the replicated state.

3.The number of chromosomes is reduced to half, i.e., from diploid to haploid state.

4. Crossing over occurs which makes the two chromatids of a chromosome different.

5. It is complicated and long duration division.

6. An interphase having both growth phases and synthetic phase precedes meiosis I.

7. In prophase I, sister chromatids have convergent arms.

Meiosis II

Meiosis II
1. It is homotypic or equational division.

2.The two chromatids of a replicated  chromosome separate.

3. The number of chromosomes remain the same, i.e., from haploid to haploid state.

4. The generally different chromatids of a chromosome are separated.

5. It is simple and short duration division.

6. The interphase or interkinesis has only growth phase. S phase is absent.

7. In prophase II, the sister chromatids have divergent arms 
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