Cytokinesis : The division of the cytoplasm to form two separate daughter cells immediately after mitosis.
Cytokinesis in Plant Cells

cytokinesis in plant cells
1. Cleavage cytokinesis occurs only in lower plants. Higher plants cells show cell plate cytokinesis.  

2. The middle part of spindle persists during cytokinesis. It forms a complex called phragmoplast.

3. A mid body is absent.

4. A row of vesicles develops in the equatorial plane in plant cell cytokinesis.

5. Vesicles fuse to form cell plate.

6. There is little role of microfilaments in plants cell cytokinesis.

7.It starts with the formation of cell plate during telophase.

8. The cell plate grows from the centre towards the lateral walls. So it is described as centrifugal.

9. Wall formation occurs in the region of cytokinesis.

Cytokinesis in Animal Cells

cytokinesis in animal cell
1. It occurs through cleavage.

2. Spindle degenerates during cytokinesis.

3. A mid body develops centrally

4. A row of vesicles does not form in animal cell cytokinesis.

5. A cell plate is not formed.

6. Microfilaments are actively involved in animal cell cytokinesis.

7. It starts as a constriction in the cell membrane during late anaphase or early telophase.

8. The furrow deepens from the periphery to wards the centre and meets at the centre, So it is described as centripetal.

9. Wall formation is absent.
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