Fungi: One of the taxonomic kingdoms, comprising eukaryotic, non photosynthetic organisms, which obtain nutrients by the absorption of organic compounds from their surroundings. 

Fungi usually have chitin containing cell walls and may be unicellular, filamentous. They may live saprophytically, symbiotically, parasitically, etc. Some can cause disease in plants or animals, including humans. Distribution is cosmopolitan. As fungi generally lack hard parts, they are rarely found as fossils, but possible thread like representatives have been found in Precambrian rocks. Classification of Fungi

Lichen: A type of composite organism which consists of a fungus (the mycobiont) and an alga (the phycobiont) living in symbiotic association. A lichen thallus may be crust like(crustose), scaly or leafy(foliose), or shrubby (fruticose), according to the species.

Lichen are classified on the basis of fungal partner; most belong to the Ascomycotina. Specialised asexual reproductive structures may be produced. Many lichens are extremely sensitive to atmospheric pollution and have been used as pollution indicators.
Fungi Vs Lichen
They thrive best in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world which are warm.
They flourish the most in the temperate and colder regions of the globe.
Prefer moist, shady, dark places and vitiated atmosphere of towns
Grow freely exposed to air and light and dislike smoky atmosphere of towns.
Require organic matter dead or living on which they feed and demand much moisture.
Can grown on barren substratum under drought and starvation conditions.
Grown either as parasites or as saprophytes.
Grow generally as epiphytes or as terrestrial autophytes.
The plant body is generally colourless
The thallus is generally conspicuously coloured due to the presence of various acids.
The thallus is usually a filamentous mycelium, delicate in texture, immersed in substratum. In many it is slimy and gelatinous
The thallus is generally tough, leathery in texture and in many lichens it is soft as a rubber sponge.
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