Human skin contains two kinds of glands: sweat glands and sebaceous glands that secrete fluids on the surface.
skin secretions
Sweat glands remove water containing dissolved salts like Sodium chloride, lactic acid, traces of urea, amino acids and glucose from the blood stream. The sweat flows out from the  duct on the surface of the skin, Sweat does not contain uric acid.
Sebaceous glands give out a wax like secretion which contains lipids such as waxes, sterols and traces of other hydrocarbons and fatty acids. These are also secreted out through  ducts on the skin surface.
Sweat vs Sebum
It is secreted by sweat glands(skin surface).
It is secreted by sebaceous (oil) glands.
It is fluids in nature.
It is oily in nature.
It is composed of mainly sodium chloride and water. Some other substances are also present in small amount.
It is composed of oil or wax like secretion. Other hydrocarbons and fatty acids are also present.
Function: Temperature control and Excretion
Function: Lubrication.
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