Difference between Cold blooded and Warm blooded animals

Cold blooded vs Warm blooded animals 
Ectotherms vs Endotherms / Poikilotherms vs Homeotherms
Cold blooded animals:
  • Also known as ecotherms, poikilothermal animals.

  • They are unable to regulate their body temperature which changes with temperature of environment.

  • These animals show hibernation (winter sleep) and aestivation (summer sleep).
flying frog Zebra fish
  • Examples: Fish, Reptilia (Frog and  Lizards).
Warm blooded animals:
  • Also known as endotherms, homeothermal animals.

  • They maintain constant body temperature and will not change according to the temperature of the surroundings.

  • These two activities (Hibernation and aestivation) rarely occur in these animals.

  • Examples: Aves, Mammals
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