Aestivation vs Hibernation
Aestivation (Estivation)
  • It is summer sleep.
  • Animals rests in cool or shady and moist place.
  • It lasts for hot dry day time as nights are cooler.
  • Aestivators are snails, earthworms, bees, salamanders, frogs and toads,  lizards, crocodiles, snakes, mud turtles, North American desert tortoises, and hedgehogs.
Hibernating Arctic Ground Squirrel
  • It is winter sleep in which animal passes the winter period in dormant condition.
  • The animal rests in a warm place.
  • It is of longer duration and lasts for the whole duration of winter.
  • Both cold-blooded and warm blooded animals may exhibit hibernation. Several insects, small birds and mammals hibernate regularly each year. Californian pocket mouse, kangaroo mouse and bats are known to hibernate.
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