Phylum Chordata includes tailless amphibians called frogs and toads. They are characterized by animals with smooth skin without scales, three chambered heart and pentadactyl (five fingered) limbs. They can live on land and in water and are termed amphibians. 
Frog is more aquatic than terrestrial. Toad has dry, warty skin and is more terrestrial than aquatic. But both require water for reproduction.
Frog vs Toad
Habitat: More aquatic More terrestrial
Skin: smooth, slimy and moist Dry, warty and rough
Snout: Pointed Broad and round
Webs: Present in hind legs for efficient locomotion in water Webs absent
Hind limbs: Very long hind limbs help in hopping and swimming Short
Parotid glands: Absent Present

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