White (Yellow) Phosphorus vs Red Phosphorus
White or yellow Phosphorus
Red Phosphorus
It has garlic like order. It is odourless.
White phosphorus is poisonous. It is non poisonous.
It is highly reactive. It is less reactive
It is soft waxy solid and can be easily cut with a knife. It is hard and crystalline solid.
White phosphorus shows Phosphorescence. It does not show phosphorescence.
P4 molecules are held by weak vander Waal’s forces. P4 molecules are held by covalent bonds in polymeric structure.
Ignition temperature is low (303 K) so burns easily in air.  Ignition temperature is high(543 K), so does not catch fire easily.
Burns easily in Cl2 forming PCl3 and PCl5. Combines with Cl2 only on heating.
Soluble in CS2 Insoluble in CS2

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