Flower is specialized branch of limited growth which bears floral leaves that carry on sexual reproduction and give rise to seeds and fruits.
The study of flowers is called anthology. Flowers are regarded as modified shoots for sexual reproduction.
A typical flower has four main parts- calyx, corolla, androecium and gynoecium. Calyx and corolla are helping or accessory whorls because they attract insects during pollination and protects the essential parts before the flower bud has opened. Androecium and gynoecium are essential or reproductive whorls as they are necessary for sexual reproduction and seed formation.
The arrangement of flowers on the floral axis (peduncle) is known as inflorescence.
It may be of following types: Terminal, Axillary and Intercalary
  • Terminal: Single flower present on floral axis (Example:Crotalaria)
  • Axillary inflorescence: when flower is found in the axil of a leaf. It may be of following types: Racemose, Cymose, Mixed and Special
  • intercalary: Single flower present in between the floral axis. (Example:Callistemon)
Significance of Inflorescence
  • Provides chance for cross pollination.
  • Make flowers more conspicuous thus insects attract towards it.
  • Large inflorescence enhance the chance of wind pollination.
Flower vs Inflorescence
It is a modified shoot It is a group of flowers arranged on a floral axis
It shows distinct nodes and internodes. It does not shows distinct nodes and internodes
The stalk of the flower is called as pedicel. The stalk of the inflorescence is called as peduncle.


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