Difference Between Phyllode and Phylloclade

Phyllode is a petiole or rachis modified into a leaf like structure e.g. Acacia. It has bipinnate leaves. The leaflets fall off early. Then rachis develops into leaf like phyllode. Phyllode is a xerophytic adaptation to reduce transpiration through leaves.

A phylloclades is a stem modified to perform the function of a leaf in some xerophytic plants. It may be flattened as in Opuntia or cylindrical as in Casuarina. They contain chlorophyll and carry out photosynthesis. They have several nodes and internodes.
Phyllode (Acacia) and phlloclades (Opuntia)
Phyllode vs Phylloclade
It is the modification of leaf (petiole). It is the modification of stem.
The petiole becomes flattened, green, leaf like and performs photosynthesis The stem becomes flattened, green, leaf like and performs photosynthesis.
It bears an axillary bud It arises in the axil of a leaf
It does not bear flowers and buds It bears flowers and buds
Branching is absent. It may show branching.
Spines are absent. Spines may be present which are modified axillary buds.
Scale leaves are absent. Ordinary leaves are modified into scale leaves.
Nodes and internodes are absent. Nodes and internodes are present.
Example: Melanoxylon, Acacia Example: Cactus, Cocoloba
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different between phylloclade and parenchymatous tissue?

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