Difference between Gametic Meiosis, Zygotic Meiosis and Sporic Meiosis

Depending upon the stage when meiosis occurs, the meiosis is of three types: Gametic, Zygotic and Sporic.
I. Gametic Meiosis:
Gametic meiosis
  1. Meiosis occurs during gamete formation.
  2. Results in formation of haploid gametes.
  3. Gametes fuse during fertilization and form diploid zygote i.e, having diplontic life cycle.
  4. Example: In sexually reproducing organisms.
II. Zygotic Meiosis:
Zygotic meiosis in algae
  1. Meiotic division occurs in zygote.
  2. Results in formation of haploid individuals.
  3. Division of zygote results in haploid organisms i.e., having haplontic life cycle.
  4. Example: In lower plants.
III. Sporic MeiosisSporic meiosis

  1. Meiotic division occurs during sporogenesis.
  2. Results in formation of haploid spores.
  3. Spore divide to form gametophytes which will form gametes. Gametic fusion results in diploid sporophyte. i,e., having Diplohaplontic life cycle.
  4. Example:In Plants
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