Difference between Leydig’s cells and Sertoli cells

Leydig’s cells (Interstitial cells) vs Sertoli cells (Sustentacular cells)
Leydig’s cells (Interstitial cells):
Leydig cells
  1. They are present in between the seminiferous tubules.
  2. Leydig’s cells are found in small groups and are round in shape.
  3. They secrete androgens (e.g., testosteone)
Sertoli cells (Sustentacular cells): 
Sertoli cells
  1. They are present in between the germinal epithelial cells of the seminiferous tubules.
  2. Sertoli cells are found singly and are elongated.
  3. They provide nourishment to the developing spermatozoa sperms. They also secrete ABP (Androgen Binding Protein) that concentrates testosterone in the seminiferous tubules. It also secretes another protein inhibin which suppresses FSH synthesis.

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