Difference between Oligosaccharides and Polysaccharides

Polysaccharides are complex long chain carbohydrates which are formed by dehydrate synthesis or polymerisation of more than ten but generally very large number of units called monosaccharides.
starch Oligosaccharides: They are small sized polymers of monosaccharides having 2-6 simple sugars occasionally up to 9-10.
Oligosaccharides vs Polysaccharides
  1. They are small sized compound carbohydrates.
  2. An oligosaccharides consists of 2-6, rarely 10 monosaccharide residues.
  3. They are soluble in water.
  4. Oligosaccharides are sweet to taste.
  5. They are physiologically active.
  6. Oligosaccharides are structural components of cell membranes.
  7. Transport occurs in oligosaccharide stage.
  1. They are large sized compound carbohydrates.
  2. A polysaccharide is made up of numerous (several hundred) monosaccharide residues.
  3. Polysaccharides are insoluble in water.
  4. Sweetness is absent.
  5. They are physiologically inactive.
  6. Polysaccharides are structural components of cell walls.
  7. Storage mostly occurs in the polysaccharide.
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