Difference between Primary and Secondary Database

A collection of related data arranged in a way suitable for adding, locating, removing and modifying the data
I. Primary database
  1. It is also known as archival database
  2. Databases consisting of data derived experimentally such as nucleotide sequences and three dimensional structures are known as primary databases.
  3. Experimental results are directly submitted into database by researchers across the globe
  4. Example: Gen bank, DDBJ, SWISS-PROT
II. Secondary database
  1. It is also known as curated database
  2. Databases consisting of data derived from the analysis of primary data such as sequences, secondary structures etc
  3. It contains results of analysis of primary databases and significant data in the form of conserved sequences, signature sequences, active site residues of proteins etc.
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Anonymous said...

it says that swiss-prot is a primary database but i read that it is a secondary database


Swiss-prot is primary data base as it collects protein structure published by scientists

Anonymous said...

I don't want sit for bioinformatics exam on next monday: (

Anonymous said...

is PHYRE secondary database ???

Anonymous said...

non-redundant means

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