Generalized  Databases
  1. Database that has a wide range of related information.
  2. Databases of DNA, proteins, mRNAs, structural databases etc
  3. It Includes 1.Sequence database and 2. Structure database
  • Sequence database: Databases with records of either nucleotide sequences or amino acid sequences
               Example: GenBank, DDBJ
  • Structure database: contains records of resolved structures of macromolecules Example: PDB

Specialized Databases
  1.  Database created to meet some specific needs or containing specific data
  2.  It include model organism databases, biochemical pathways, diseases of human beings etc
Model organism databases (MOD):Ecogene, Flybase, Mouse genome database (MGD), Saccharomyces genome data base (SGD)
• Biochemical pathways: KEGG
• Diseases of human beings-Online Mendalian Inheritance in Man (OMIM)

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