Difference between Striated and Non Striated Muscle

The tissue concerned with the movement of body parts and the locomotion of animals is called muscle tissue. It is also called muscular tissue or contractile tissue. According to their structure, location, and functions, muscle tissues are classified into three groups. They are striated muscles, non striated muscles and cardiac muscles.
Striated Muscle: The muscle which shows cross striations are called striated muscles or striped muscles. They are mostly attached to the bones by tendons and so called skeletal muscles. Their activity is under the control of will. So, they are also called voluntary muscles.
Nonstriated muscle fibres
Non striated muscle: The muscle which show no cross striations are called non striated muscles or unstriped muscles. They look smooth, hence are called smooth muscles. Their activity of these muscles are not under the control of the will of the animal, so they are known as involuntary muscles. These muscles are seen in hollow internal organs (viscera) such as stomach, intestine, blood vessels, urinary bladder, uterus etc.
Striated vs Non Striated Muscle
Striated Muscle
1. Striations present.
2. It is voluntary in action
3. The muscle fibres are long and cylindrical with blunt ends.
4. The fibres are multinucleated.
5.Sarcoplasmic reticulum is well developed.
6. Sarcomeres present.
7. Numerous mitochondria and glycogen granules are present
8. Striated muscle is seen attached to skeleton.
Example: Biceps muscle
Non Striated Muscle
1. Striations absent.
2. It is involuntary in action
3. The muscle fibres are long spindle shaped with pointed ends.
4. The fibres are uninucleated.
5. Sarcoplasmic reticulum is poorly developed.
6. Sarcomeres absent.
7. Less mitochondria and glycogen granules are present.
8. Non striated muscle is seen in internal organs.
Example: Intestinal muscles.
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