Difference between Male Urethra and Female Urethra

Human excretory system consists of two kidneys, a pair of ureters, a urinary bladder and a urethra.
The urethra is a membranous tube starting from the neck of the bladder up to the external urethral orifice.
Male Urethra vs Female Urethra

Male Urethra

Female Urethra
It is about 20 cm in length
It is about 4 cm in length
It has three regions: prostatic urethra(3-4cm), membranous(1cm) and penial(15cm)
It is not differentiated into regions
It opens out at the tip of the penis by urinogenital aperture
It opens by urinary aperture in front of vaginal aperture.
It carries urine as well as semen to the exterior
It carries urine only to the exterior
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