Genomics vs Proteomics
Difference between genomics and proteomics

Genomics is the study of genome of an organism. Genome represents the entire genes of an organism or a cell type
Proteomics is the study of proteome of an organism. Proteome refers to the entire protein set coded by the genome of an organism or a cell type
Genomics include mapping, sequencing and analysis of genome
Proteomics include characterization of all proteins of an organism or study of structure and function of proteins
Genomics can be broadly classified into structural and functional genomics
a)Structural genomics: is the study of the structure of all genes and its relative position on the chromosome
b)Functional genomics: study of function of all genes or the role of these genes in regulating metabolic activities of the cell
Proteomics can be classified into structural functional and expression proteomics
a)Structural proteomics: is the study of the structure of proteins and their location in the cell
b)Functional proteomics: study of function of all proteins which primarily include protein-protein interaction and interaction of proteins with other biomolecules
c) Expression proteomics: is the study of identification and quantification or expression level  of proteins of the cell at different developmental stages or at different environmental conditions
Techniques in genomics include
a) gene sequencing strategies like directed gene sequencing, whole genome short gun sequencing,
b)Construction of ESTs (expressed sequence Tags),
c) Identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs),
d) Analysis and interpretation of sequenced data using different databases and software.
Techniques in proteomics include
a) protein extraction, electrophoretic separation, digestion of separated proteins into small fragments using trypsin, mass spectroscopy to find out amino acid sequences and finally protein identification using standard databases.
b) Protein 3D structure prediction using software.
c) Protein expression study using protein microarray.
Thrust areas in Genomics: Genome Sequencing projects of many organisms including Human Genome Project
Proteome database development like SWISS-2D PAGE and software development for computer aided drug design


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