Difference between Cilia and Microvilli (Cilia vs Microvilli)

Cilia are the cytoplasmic extensions arising from basal granules lying below the cell membrane. The function of cilia is to move particles, free cells or mucous in a specific direction over the epithelial surface. The surfaces of some hollow organs such as fallopian tubes, bronchioles and small bronchi are lined with ciliated epithelia.

Microvilli are short protoplasmic projections. They give a brush like appearance to their free border. Microvilli increase the free surface area of the cell and thereby increase the rate of absorption. They found on proximal tubules of kidneys and intestine.

Cilia vs Microvilli

Occur in cells of respiratory and reproductive tracts.
Found in intenstine; where absorption and secretions are the major activities
Arise from the basal  granules
Basal granules are absent
Non motile
Cilia has 9+2 ultra structure
9+2 ultra structure absent
They taper distally
They are extremely thin and short structured
Function: Movement
Function: Microvilli increase the intestinal mucosa, and consequently help in enhancing absorption.
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