Difference between Tendon and Ligament

Tendon and ligaments are dense connective tissues.The tendon cells are modified fibroblasts. Tendons occur at the ends of skeletal muscles, and serves to attach them strongly to bones.
Tendon vs Ligament

Ligaments are found in joints. Ligaments connect bones at joints and hold them together in position. The matrix is densely crowded with collagen fibres running in different directions and with some elastin fibres inbetween. Some flat elongated ligament cells are seen inbetween the fibres. 
Tendon vs Ligament
Tendon joins skeletal muscle to a bone.
Ligaments join a bone to another bone.
It is tough and inelastic.
It is strong but elastic.
It is a modification of white fibrous tissue
It is a modification of yellow elastic tissue with some collagen fibres.
Fibroblasts lie in a almost continuous rows.
Fibroblasts lie scattered.
Fibres are seen as dense parallel bundles.
Fibres are densely crowded but not arranged in parallel bundles.
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