Difference between Compact bone and Spongy bone

On the basis of  the nature of the matrix present, bones are classified into two types:
They are spongy bone and compact bone.
Compact bone or Dense bone or Periosteal bone: 
  • in compact bone the matrix contains no air spaces
  • It is found in the shaft of long bones. 
Spongy bone or Tubecular bone or Cancellous bone:
  • It is found at the ends of long bones, and in the inner parts of round and irregular bones.  
    Compact bone vs Spongy bone
  • Compact Bone vs Spongy Bone
Compact bone
Spongy bone
Lamellae arranged in  regular Haversian systems with canaliculi and Volkman's canal are present.
Lamellae arranged as interlacing network. Haversian systems are absent in the spongy bone
No gaps between lamellae hence compact bone
Small spaces occur between lamellae, hence spongy bone.
It is found in the shaft (diaphysis) of long bones
Forms epiphyses of long bones, besides forming skull bones, vertebrae and ribs
Presence of marrow cavity
Marrow cavity lacking
Marrow cavity has yellow bone marrow.
Compact Bone

Spaces between lamellae contain red marrow 
(Red bone marrow vs Yellow bone marrow)

Marrow stores fat
Marrow produces red corpuscles and granular white corpuscles.
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