The crocodilians includes Crocodiles, Alligators, Gavials, Caimans. Crocodiles has a stout snout. Alligators has a short broad and round snout. Gavialis has  a long narrow slender snout. Crocodiles are the largest living reptiles. They are the most advanced among reptiles. They are mainly found in fresh water. They resembles mammals in the presence of a completely four chambered heart and muscular diaphragm, thecodont teeth and pharyngeal internal nares. They may dig tunnels under water in which nest is build and eggs are laid. They are carnivorous  and feed on fish, occasionally attacking large animals including human beings. 
10 Differences between Crocodile and Alligator (Crocodile vs Alligator)

Comparison Table - Crocodile vs Alligator 
10 Differences between Crocodile and Alligator
Characteristics of Crocodile
1. Found in Asia, Africa, Central America, Malaya, Indonesia and North Australia.
2. Crocodile live in freshwater, They can also live in salt water. 
3. More aggressive, dangerous to man
4. Snout - Moderately long and pointed.
5. Long pointed jaw is V shaped
6. V shaped snout designed for snatching prey.
7. Four mandibular tooth - First into a maxillary groove and visible externally
8. Teeth unequal
9. Body length - 8 metres long
10. Skin color - Olive green with black spot or bands.
Characteristics of Alligator
1. Mostly found in North America and China.
2. Alligator live in fresh water. Lakes, swamps and streams have fresh water.
3. Less aggressive, attack when provoked.
4. Snout - Short and broad.
5. Wide round jaw is U shaped.
6. U shaped snout  designed for more leverage for crushing.
7. Four mandibular tooth -Fits into a pit and not visible externally.
8. Teeth very unequal
9. Body length - 3 metres long
10. Skin color - Steel grey

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