Antibodies are globular proteins produced by the plasma cells of B cells that react specifically with antigen that stimulated their production. Antibodies are made up of light or heavy polypeptide chains. Difference between Antigen and Antibody (Antigen vs Antibody Video)

Interferons are antiviral glycoproteins released by living cells in response to viral attack and induce a viral resistant state to neighbouring cells. Interferons also exhibit anti-microbial and anti-tumor properties.
Difference between Antibodies and Interferons (Antibodies vs Interferons)

Antibodies vs Interferons
1. Antibodies are produced by plasma B cells only
Interferons are produced by any microbe infected cell especially virus infected cells
2. Antibodies produced are circulated in blood and lymph to dispose off the antigens.
Interferons released by the infected cell enter the neighbouring healthy cell to enhance their anti-viral defences.
3. They selectively bind to the specific antigens immobilize them for easy engulfing by phagocytes.
They induce the healthy cell to synthesise the antimicrobial proteins such as protein Kinase R thereby preparing cells against viral infection
4. They are slow in action but give a long lasting protection against antigens because of immunologic memory
They are quick in action but give only temporary protection against microbes.
5. They act outside the cells and can directly bind to the epitopes of antigens
They act inside the cells and induce synthesize of many defence proteins finally establishing an anti-viral state
6. They form the body’s third line of defence which involves specific immune response.
They form the body’s second line of defence which involves non-specific response.
7. Different Classes of antibodies:
 IgG, IgM, IgA, IgD, IgE etc
Different Classes of Interferons:
 IFα, IFβ, IFϒ etc


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