Difference between National anthem and National song in India

National Anthem of India
  1.      Janaganamana
  2.      Written by Rabindranath Tagore
  3.      Originally written in Bengali language.
  4.      Time taken to sing-52 Seconds (Short version-20 seconds).
  5.      Composed by Captain Ram Singh Thakur.
  6.      First sung on 1911 December 27.(Indian national Congress Kolkata session)
Other Major Facts: National Anthem - Janaganamana
  •     Constituent assembly adopted National anthem in English : 1950 January 24.
  •     Translation of Janagana mana is known as Morning song of India.
  •     National anthem composed on the Sankarabharanam Ragam.
National Song of India
  1.      Vande Matharam
  2.   .  Written by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee.
  3.      Originally written in Sanskrit language.
  4.      Time taken to sing-65 Seconds
  5.      Composed by Jadunath Bhattacharya.
  6.       First sung on 1896 (Culcutta session of INC
Other Major Facts: National Song -  Vande Matharam
  • Aurabindo Ghosh was translated Vandemathram to English.
  • Vanda Mathram is taken from the novel Anandhamath.

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