Chondrichythyes (Cartilaginous fish): It includes about 600 living species . it includes sharks, saw fishes, rays, skates etc.
Shark: is a marine cartilage fish commonly found along Indian coast. It is fast swimmer, carnivorous in feeding. Sexes show sexual dimorphism as male has claspers . So fertilization is internal. Development is direct and female is ovo viviparous.
Ray: It is a marine and benthonic cartilage fish. It swims by flapping action of pectoral fins, carnivorus in feeding and shows branchial respiration. It defends itself by producing electric current from the electric organs. Male has claspers, so the fertilization is internal. Female is oviparous.

Laterally compressed
Dorsoventrally flat
Gill slits:  Lateral in position
Gill slits: Ventral in position
Distinct and not fused with the head
Fused with the head and large sized
Spiracle present. Small and lateral
Always present. Large and dorsal bottom feeder
Feeding Surface feeder
Bottom feeder
Fast swimmer
Slow swimmer by flapping action of pectoral fins.
Scoliodon (Dog fish); Zygaena (Hammer headed fish)
Torpedo (Electric ray), Trygon(Sting ray)

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