Zoological parks  are enclosed  areas or park lands where animals are kept in open enclosures instead of cages(in zoos). It provide more natural environment to animals. Therefore, most zoos are being converted into zoological parks. All countries of the world maintain zoological parks.
  1. Berlin Zoo, Germany
  2.  Bronx Zoo, New York City, United States
  3.  London Zoo, England 
  4. Wellington Zoo, New Zealand
  5. Beijing Zoo, China 
  6.  Philadelphia Zoo, United States
  7.  Singapore Zoo, Singapore
  8.  San Diego Zoo, United States 
  9. Zoo Basel, Switzerland
  10.  Melbourne Zoo, Australia
Zoological museum is a place used for storing preservation and exhibition of objects of natural history (both plants and animals,   art and objects of antiquities. All educational institute and universities maintain museums in their botany and zoology departments. Museum of natural history has collection of preserved plants and animals.
American Museum of natural history, New York, USA

Important museums
  1. American Museum of natural history, New York, USA
  2. State museum of natural history, Stuttgaut, Germany.
  3. Museum of natural history, Basal, Switzerland.
 Zoological Perks  vs Zoological Museums
Zoological Parks
1.Specimens exhibited are alive and active
2. Only whole animals are on show
3. Animals are displayed mostly in the open, some in the buildings
4. Fossils are not exhibited. 
5. Human evolution is not depicted. 
6. All groups  of animals are nor represented in the zoos
Zoological Museums
1. Specimens exhibited are lifeless and inactive
2. Whole stuffed animals as well as animal parts (Feathers, skeletons) and products (eggs, nests)are on show.
3. Objects are displayed mostly in the buildings
4. Fossils are also exhibited. 
5. Human evolution is depicted by models and charts
6. Animals from all groups are shown in the museums

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