Callus Culture means an unorganised proliferative mass of cells produced from isolated plant cells, tissues or organs when grown ascetically on artificial nutrient medium in glass vials under controlled experimental conditions.
plant tissue culture
Suspension Culture is a type of culture in which single cells or small aggregates of cells multiply while suspended in agitated liquid medium. It is also referred to as cell culture or cell suspension culture.
suspension culture
Callus Culture vs Suspension Culture
Callus Culture
1. In this culture, cell division in explants forms a callus. Callus is an irregular unorganized and undifferentiated mass of actively dividing cells.
2. The culture is maintained on agar medium.
3. The medium contains growth regulators auxin such as 2, 4-D and cytokinins like BAP.
4. Callus is obtained within 2-3 weeks.
5. It does not need to be agitated.
Suspension Culture
1. It consists of single cells and small groups of cells suspended in a liquid medium.
2. The culture is maintained in liquid medium.
3. The Medium contains growth regulators auxin such as 2, 4-D only.
4. Suspension culture grows much faster than callus culture.
5. It must be constantly agitated at 10-250 rpm (revolutions per minute).
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