Cockroaches are found in places where there is a warmth, dampness and plenty of organic food to devour. It is terrestrial, nocturnal, cursorial (fast runner), omnivorous and unspecialized insect.

The body of cockroach is narrow, elongated and bilaterally symmetrical. Its body is dorsiventrally flattened. The adult cockroach is reddish brown in colour.

Male and female Cockroach
Male Cockroach:
male cockroach
1.  Tenth abdominal  segment carries two pairs of abdominal appendages- i) segmented and cerci and ii) un segmented anal styles or caudal styles.

2. Posterior part of abdomen is less broad and elongated.

3. Sternum of seventh segment is not divided.

4. VII (8th) sclerite is overlapped by sclerite of VII (7th) segment.

5. Second and third basal segment of antennae are equal.
Female Cockroach:
1. Tenth abdominal segment carries only one pair of abdominal appendages and many segmented anal cerci.

2. Posterior part of abdomen is broad and boat shaped.

3. Sternum of 7th segment is divided into two.

4. Sclerite of 8th and 9th segment are overlapped by that of seventh sclerite.

5. Third basal segment of antennae is larger than second basal segment.
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