The endocrine system controls the body activities by producing chemical substances called hormones are chemical messengers, secreted by ductless gland known as endocrine glands. Exocrine gland secrete their products into ducts or channels, that carry them either to the outside of the body or into body cavities.
Some glands like pancreas perform both exocrine and endocrine functions.
Exocrine gland vs Endocrine gland
Exocrine gland:
Sweat glands

1. They may or may not have ducts.
2.  The secretion is poured directly at the site of action or reaches the target
3. They secrete enzymes
4. They control short term activity
Example : Gastric gland, Salivary gland and Sweat glands
Endocrine gland:
Thyroid gland- endocrine gland
1. These are ductless glands
2. They pour secretion directly into the blood
3. They secrete hormones
4. They control long term of target organs
Example : Thyroid gland, Pituitary and adrenals
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